January 24, 2016

by CJ

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our fundraiser last night. Although I’m scheduling this post in advance, I’m predicting it was a wild and mild (or perhaps piping hot?) success! If you didn’t make it out and still want to help out, you can support us by donating here. If money’s tight you can still spread the word about the magazine and give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter. You support is always really appreciated and will help us keep this virtual party going!

In other news: we’re looking for writers and artists! Check out our new call for submissions for our ~FUTURES~ issue and send us your pitch.

This week GUTS editor BB wrote about her year of Netflixing only women. I watched Twinsters this week and am so grateful for the recommendation. Released so much laughter and tears it was wonderful. 

Edmonton: The sexual orientation and gender identity advocacy committee is hosting an inclusive health conference on LGBTQ Healthcare in March. Find out more here.

How Quebec’s latest austerity measures are negatively affecting both professional and domestic care providers.

Spaniard’s Bay’s lone female fire-fighter spoke out about the harassment and discrimination she experienced as a volunteer, resulting in mass resignations from the Newfoundland fire department.

Filed under utter and complete bullshit: Gregory Alan Elliot was cleared of two charges of criminal harassment on Twitter involving Toronto’s Stephanie Guthrie and Heather Reilly. Are we surprised that free speech is still reigning high as misogyny’s best get-out-of-jail-free card? No. But we’re angry.

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour found that 3/4 workplaces are breaking the law and violating the Employment Standards Act. They also found that 52 percent of jobs in Hamilton and GTA are insecure, another reminder that it makes literally zero sense to feel bad about yourself for being precariously employed or unemployed. Not saying it’s okay, but this problem is macro not micro.

Speaking about shit jobs, I endorse: the Fuck Off Fund.

LIES II is now available as a PDF so you can rejoice now, all my siblings who have also been waiting patiently with flared nostrils.

“How do you throw a brick through the window of a bank if you can’t get out of bed?” Joanna Hedva’s essay on finding politics and becoming visible while living with chronic illness is likely the best thing I’ve read all week. Sick Woman Theory.

Thoughts on January weight loss from a cheerful chubster. 

“What I’m committed to is not just talking about indigenous people, but teaching from those insights and worldviews.” U of A’s Dwayne Donald on whether Native Studies courses should be mandatory for all students at the university.

Portland Community College is holding a Whiteness History Month in April this year, a new program that “seeks to challenge the master narrative of race and racism through an exploration of the social construction of whiteness.” Read more about the program here.

This piece on the pick-up artist with a coffee shop in North Carolina is very good and very disturbing. Would recommend reading this one if you are ready to get angry this morning, but if that’s not one of your Sunday goals, I suggest taking a pass.

Laura Dale writes about why she helped develop a game about being trans.

An LGBTQ gym helping transgender people shape their bodies to match their identities

“To be betrayed by one’s body is perhaps one of the vagaries of female experience.” Isabel Murray, I feel for you: I’m a Disgusting Sleeper.

Ann Goldstein talks to Katrina Dobson about translating Ferrante.

I’m standing in the grocery store balancing cloves of garlic in either hand. They are for my vagina.”

YES: What I would have said to you last night had you not cum and then fallen asleep.

And finally, if you are my upstairs neighbour, this one is for you.

Image: Grimes in her new video, Kill v. Maim 


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