The Cash Survey

For our CASH issue, we want to hear from you about how money fits into and shapes your life. This edition of Open Secrets is co-hosted with artist Cassie Thornton of the Feminist Economics Department, who writes:

This survey aims to reveal how GUTS readers have internalized and socially externalized lifelong participation in an economic system that uses debt and fear to turn people into financial instruments. With ridiculous optimism and care we invite you to present your economic personal experiences, wisdom, or difficulties to the GUTS readership. Think of your contribution as evidence of the conditions of life in a predatory economic system. If we all know that we are not alone in a personal struggle, but actually together in a shared political struggle, we can begin to imagine the vast collective economic disobedience necessary to burn the motherfucker down.

Your answers will be anonymous, and will be compiled and published on the GUTS blog later this summer.

(Please hit SEND after each answer!)

How often do you run out of money? If you do run out, how do you feel, and what does it cause you to do (internally and externally)?

What forms of economic self-defense do you practice? From scams to jobs, how do you get money? How do you conspire and collude with others to survive outside of the economy?

Can you talk about risk in relation to your life? What are the major risks you’ve taken––personal, social, economic, physical? What are the risks you wish you could take? What are the risks you wish you didn’t have to take?

In your experience, how is one person’s dystopian hell another person’s utopia?

Say you got a place to live that you really liked, you’re feeling like you have one or many fulfilling relationships, you are healthy, you have kids if you want to, the way you want to. Your career is satisfying and you have enough money to not worry all the time. You even have a good doctor who you trust. You take vacations. What else do you want? What’s the highest form of success you could possibly imagine?

What would a feminist form of revenge on the economic system look like?