April 3, 2016
from the bb desk

I learned this week that my cat is happy to sit in either the hood OR the marsupial pouch of my sweatshirts as I go about my business, so very little else is of consequence to me lol that’s a lie enjoy these links; I’m real jazzed about all of them.

PEI is going to deal with its batshit abortion policy! Feeling really proud of and inspired by everyone involved in #AccessNOW. Way to go, you champions.

On reading African fiction: “When you put social-political issue at the front and center of narrative, there are costs. More often that not, emphasizing the political themes in a story ends up asphyxiating the literary life of the work.”  

On naming and racializing white people in languages they don’t understand: Racialisation has provided ‘white people’ entire encyclopedias of terms used to describe and study us – most of which are used to dehumanise us and essentialise us to our skin tone… Yet they, white people, struggle when that same process of dehumanisation (=racialisation) is projected towards them; when we, like them, don’t see their nuances, their plurality and individuality but reduce them to their skin tone; to how their skin matters in that hierarchy which they have essentially constructed and maintained to their benefit.

Xenophobia is terrorism too.

Sad to learn that the Black Girl Dangerous blog is ceasing production this month. Read their coverage of #GayMediaSoWhite here.

The editrixes of this media empire are very invested in this kind of immersive journalism (and I would like to note that this author is a very rewarding Twitter follow).

I literally don’t trust any cis man to not exploit his power over me, and if you want to read more about the various ways that exploitation can occur you can read this detailed account of disclosures made by people who’ve had shitty experiences with Important Inappropriate Literary Men.  

A video! What Does ‘Black Lives Matter’ Really Mean? AND A Black Lives Matter Toronto mixtape!

Amazing women to follow on the internet right now.

This week in incredible spoken word is Mad Libs: Black Death Edition

Open Letter to Toronto City Council from Agencies and Workers Regarding the Shelter Crisis

Bathroom Bills and the Policing of Trans Life: “In addition to mobilizing against the bathroom bills and supporting those facing increased police harassment, we can continue pushing for the establishment of more all gender bathrooms, and can work together to challenge the cultural and institutional norms that tell men it is OK to harass or assault women, that make so many of us live in fear of rape and sexual harassment, and that treat as unreal trans people’s gender identities.”

A love letter for Carly Rae Jepsen

I LIVE FOR THIS WEEK’S MOST IMPORTANT BEYONCÉ EVENTS: LULULEMON TRIED SHIT WITH IVY PARK AND WE WERE BLESSED WITH A VERY IMPORTANT THREAD ON BEY’S BRAND ACUMEN (you should all know that an important thing I remember from my ~12 years of French immersion is that “É” is Alt-144, you’re welcome).

An essay on heroines and representation.

30 things to love about exercise that have nothing to do with your weight, your size, or what you look like.

Great new all-purpose reaction shot.

Much love to you all; I hope no one was mean to you on April 1. What a gaslighting poopy holiday. xoxo


The author took this picture with her phone. It is of her cat, shot from above while resting in the marsupial pouch of her sweatshirt, gazing into the distant evening light. The cat is orange and the sweatshirt is maroon.


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