February 2, 2014


  • “I had an abortion and it was a surreal, confusing, and alienating experience. The lack of information and resources was mind-boggling. The silence and sense of shame I felt was isolating.” A truly thoughtful, compassionate, and helpful guide to the experience of having an abortion.
  • In honour of Have a Heart Day, the documentary Hi-Ho Mistahey, chronicling the Shannen’s Dream campaign, will be available for free on the NFB website on February 14th and 15th, and you can watch the trailer now.
  • Work less, be happier, help the environment! Another great article from Jacobin, this one detailing a future where environmental health, social equality and personal happiness are all valued: “perhaps in the post-post-scarcity society, somewhere between fears of generalized scarcity and dreams of generalized decadence, we can have the things we never managed to have in the time of supposed abundance: enough for everyone, and time for what we will.”
  • Who will follow her lead? Seattle councilwoman Kshama Sawant is accepting only 40000$ of her 117000$ salary, and donating the remainder to fund social justice movements in her city.
  • Check out GUTS contributor Christina Turner’s interview with Helen Haig-Brown, a documentary filmmaker whose film “My Legacy” is airing on APTN on February 6th.
  • “If asked about matriarchy three months ago, I would also have provided something along the vague lines of an indigenous, brownish tribe wherein the women hold counsel and the men, upon marrying, move into the mother’s house—the women keep their names, names that mark the tribe’s history, and they all wear really badass wool shawls.” From Propeller Magazine, a personal exploration of sexual diversity, matriarchy, and Zumba in Zapotec culture.
  • What are you reading in 2014, the year of reading women? Michelle Dean has some great suggestions here, and along with participating in our short story reading series and delving deeper into Miranda July, why not investigate these new Sappho fragments?
  • Finally, from Chloé Robichaud and LSTW, a new web series: Féminin/Féminin explores the lives of young lesbians in Montreal, en français et en anglais!



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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

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