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“What is it about the presence of a tipi on parliament hill during Canada’s big party that is so threatening to Canadian authority?” a thread on the actions on Parliament Hill this week as a microcosm of  Canada’s history

Native-Land.ca is a great resource for learning about the land you’re on

Canada’s national parks are colonial crime scenes

On the story of the name Kanata

Watch this video:

UNsettling Canada 150

In honour of Art Manuel and the integrity with which he always began with the land and honoured the grassroots people, the #Unsettling150 crew are proud to launch this video filled with Art's words, read by his daughter Kanahus Manuel, to launch the final lead-up to the national day of action, education, and reflection. Respect to Michael Toledano for his work on this video. Please share widely. http://unsettling150.ca

Posted by Idle No More on Thursday, June 29, 2017


Resources on what to do instead of calling the police

Canada150 and the decriminalization of Indigenous sex workers

The 12 step program to reconciliation 

“As Canada spends a half-billion dollars celebrating its 150th year since confederation, more than 150 drinking water advisories still exist, most of them in First Nations communities.

What’s a Justin Trudeau?

Reflections on 150 years of resistance in This Magazine

“When I think of Canada 150 I think of the Indigenous soldiers who fought in every war this country was involved in, only to return home to social and legislative discrimination. I think of the Indigenous children who grow up in a hopeless world and form suicide pacts to find a common bond in despair. I think of the unending rage and hatred towards our people spouted on social media and the comments sections of news sites. The legislated inequities that are forced upon us by successive governments. And I think of the continued erosion of the natural world that we all depend upon for survival.” Learning this land

When professors change jobs, sexual assault allegations stay hidden

On the history and future of Dene fashion

Canada and the looting of ‘Africa’s Last Colony’

“Trans women and gender-nonconforming people of color are dying because people, especially cisgender men and women, cannot police their imaginations.” On the thrill and fear of hearing “Hey Beautiful”

Princess Nokia’s new video is here

“While the idea of a new working class is not yet widely accepted, its distinguishing features are, on their own terms, familiar. We can reduce them down roughly to feminization, racial diversification, and increasing precarity: care work, immigrant work, low-wage work, and the gig economy. There’s also a host of interlinked forces shaping working-class life from outside the workplace: policing and punishment; housing insecurity; indebtedness; the costs of education; and the difficulties of caring for the young, the disabled, the sick, the addicted, and the old.” The ‘new’ working class

Vivek Shraya and Arsenal Pulp Press are launching an imprint, with mentorship and editorial support, for unpublished BIPOC writers!

An artist’s guide to not being complicit with gentrification

A call for poetry submissions from survivors of Islamaphobic violence

Janet Mock on being pretty as a privilege

Idle No More, Defenders of the Land and accomplices

The Ontario government has committed $85 million to clean up the mercury in the Wabigoon River, after 50 years of gross neglect

” My trans identity could also be a divestment from gender. I didn’t have to make “womanhood” my end goal. The feminine power that raised me is ever-present, expanding, and there was always a place for me. I learned that acknowledging, investing, and relying on the wisdom, strength, & philosophies of Black women were critical to how I needed to imagine my life and work. I recognized that my divestment of gender was informed by Black women but did not need to sustain itself on their intellectual work.” Jayy Dodd on transitioning, failure, and technologies

Cinema Politica and Vtape are sharing an incredible program of films on the theme of Unsettling 150, and they’re available to stream free online until the end of the day. Watch here!


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Two Poems by Faith Arkorful

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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Our Sunday Links

A weekly round up of links from GUTS