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March 8th is coming, International Women’s Day is coming, a Women’s Strike is coming. What are you planning? GUTS would love to hear about it!

“The Women’s Strike isn’t undermined by the fact of difference. The aim is not to present women as already equal in standing or opportunity, despite our right to be. By withdrawing my work, I show my place in the larger economy; when we all do (or don’t), we invite one another to see how our work is interdependent, see the ways we are compelled to exploit one another. And when we see it, we may be able to say with confidence—as the beneficiaries and the exploited speaking together—that this is not the system we want.” Dayna Tortorici makes the case for the Women’s Strike

A Halifax judge found a taxi driver not guilty of sexually assaulting an intoxicated passenger, arguing that “clearly a drunk can consent”.

“Black people don’t experience this multicultural utopia you all talk about.” A profile of Janaya Khan, Sandy Hudson, and BLMTO.

“It’s too late and he just got started. It is too late even though we only just got started. It is too late even though many of us are young. It is too late, but it has been too late for a long time, and everything that happens is fated to happen belatedly, after its time, after its proper use. And yet we will go on finding belated uses for all the things rendered useless by their wrong time.

” Hannah Black in ArtForum on the New World Disorder

Why are so many Inuit and Innu children from Labrador living in foster care so far from home?

“The phrase “letting go” sounds whimsical, even mythical, but the reality of it is so often only awkward and stilting. The day I ended it we were sitting in a booth in a crowded bar across the street from the university and I had to shout, “If it was going to happen it would have happened already.” And so I lost and gained a way of being in the world.” On Queer Love in the Anthropocene

Support the Indigenous tattoo gathering happening this September!

“The women who voted for Trump say something to me about different versions of feminism. One can assume that many of them believe that they have a right to make decisions, do meaningful work, not be discriminated against, be treated with respect, and not be subjected to violence. These are all desires that overlap with basic feminist demands. Yet they had no problem with supporting an individual who gave no evidence that he viewed women as anything but prey because there was something else they liked about him, which spoke to them, that is, white supremacy.” As a Black Woman, Here’s Why I’m Striking March 8th

The problem with diversity in policy and academia

These artists are working to save Nina Simone’s childhood home

“It is a mistake to imagine that Remy, in coming at Nicki so directly and ferociously, is not, in fact, trying to uplift her in the most generous way possible. To take time out of your life and career to face a worthy opponent and put the entire weight of yourself on them until they feel no choice but to rise to the level you have set is a blessing.” Historical context for Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s beef

If 2017 were a poem, what would you call it? 34 poets of colour summarize 2017 in verse.


A thoughtful piece on Indigenous editorial issues

I loved this whole thread (starting with the tweet above), and this article, on what fighting for reproductive justice for trans women looks like.

We Three Queens is a new webseries based on an article published in our MOMS issue – you can watch the trailer here!

If I’m being honest, the things I read most closely this week were these horoscopes from Chani Nicholas, Autostraddle and Mask Magazine. Thank you to those who helped me parse them.

Views on race and Trump from two polyamorous people: “Representation has to be the job of all the white folks organizing these groups. They’ve got to make it their concern because if you’re not being actively inclusive, you’re being passively exclusive. It has to be something you make happen and you work to maintain.”

Modern treaty politics in the Yukon

How gracious do the Moonlight filmmakers have to be?

Photographer Ren Hang has died – see more of his powerful work here. 

A photo gallery of queer bedrooms from Autostraddle

“When March 8th arrives, I’ll greet it as I have every moment of being a woman: acceptance for what I cannot change in the world, resistance to what I can change and, above all else, fierce joy to walk in this dangerous world as a girl.” Poet Gwen Benaway on womanhood “as a state of constant resistance and doubt”.