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It’s been (another) really tough week and we hope you are all taking care of yourselves and each other as best you can. Faced with a tornado of terrifying executive orders and initiatives from the Trump administration, it’s hard to envision clear pathways of resistance to the oppressive systems that continue to shape our world. Of course, as so many inspiring activists and thinkers have been saying and making good on in their actions, this is no time for complacency or inaction. I’ve been revisiting Jenny Zhang’s Against Extinction, Angela Davis’s Women’s March speech, Oki Sogumi’s Love Poems for Harrowing Times, Muna Mire’s Resisting Trump’s Islamaphobic Promise for America. As always, please share (in the comments) the news items and essays we’ve missed this week, as well as any older pieces that are still speaking to you.

A petition to tell Trudeau welcome those fleeing violence and deportation under Trump

A resistance manual targeting the Trump/GOP agenda

Action for Canadians: Under the Safe Third Country agreement, asylum seekers travelling through or within the USA are denied claims in Canada – this was on the logic that you can’t pick and choose where you want to make an asylum claim. However yesterday’s act from the US government makes the USA an unsafe country for people from the banned countries. Jonathan and Amelia just wrote a script for calling your MP to ask if and when they will take action on this. “My name is YOUR NAME and I’m a constituent of MP NAME. My postal code is THIS I’m calling to see if and when MP’S NAME is advocating in parliament for a repeal of the “Safe Third Country” agreement. Under this agreement, refugee claims are denied to persons who entered the USA prior to coming to Canada. Given that in the more than a decade since the law has been passed no other country has been given Safe Third Country status, this bill functions as an agreement on refugee claims between the USA and Canada, and the President’s recent order clearly goes counter to Canada’s long standing policies on asylum by discriminating against certain groups. The US Government’s prohibition of persons holding passports from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, from entering or transiting through the United States means that the USA is no longer a safe country for these persons and as such they should be allowed entry to Canada. I am calling to request that the Safe Third Country Agreement be repealed, or alternately, that the United States no longer be considered a safe country for refugee claimants from these countries, or that alternate measure be taken to provide asylum in Canada to persons whose freedom of mobility has been affected by this act. Once again, my name is YOUR NAME, my phone number is PHONE NUMBER, and I can be reached any time; I would appreciate being informed of status on this urgent matter and will be calling back next A TIME DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS to follow up if you are unable to return my call by then. Thank you for your attention to this matter and have a good day.” Text via @am__eh; image by @shiddyschmidt + @klassic_kool_shoppe #refugeeswelcome

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You can also write to you MP and ask why the Liberal government chose to end the community sponsorship program for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

New project A Seat at the Table Syllabus: The Truths of Young Women of Color is looking for contributions – submit here! 

Check out / submit to Ignota: An LGBTQ literary magazine dedicated to amplifying a distinctively queer artistic voice

Some helpful lessons and reminders in here: How to survive in intersectional feminist spaces 101

Queer in the kitchen: a photo series documenting spaces of love and safety.

Standing Rock activist Bobby Jean Three Legs responds to Trump’s presidential memorandum to revive the Dakota Access pipeline.

Re: Trudeau’s Canoe:

Labrador whistle-blower and temporary foreign worker Lorenzo Arthur’s request to remain in Canada was denied this week and he has since been deported. Sign this petition by January 30 to urge our federal government to open work permits and permanent status upon arrival.

Canada finally has an abortion pill. Learn more here.

A new study shows that in America there’s a significant disparity in cervical cancer death rates between black women and white women, likely a reflection of unequal access to screening, ability to pursue early-warning test results, and insurance coverage. Relevant: I recently learned that in Ontario is costs $100 to get a test that tells you if you have (not just if you are at risk) of cancer-causing HPV, creating another barrier to accessing adequate and timely reproductive healthcare.

Teen Vogue gets readers to call Trump’s properties and businesses while White House comment line is closed

Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account has been trolling Trump for months: meet the author of the tweets.  

Scariestbugever is a human genius and her astrological post-inauguration starter packs made my Thursday evening. The Libra post is so accurate it’s freaking me out I have to share.

A profile of Tina, the matriarch behind Bey and Solange

“If you’re a white woman thinking, “What’s next? Everything seems insurmountable,” welcome to the fucking party. Listen to a black woman.” An interview with Angela Peoples from the viral women’s march photo.

Also: “That photo cuts to a truth of the election: While black women show up for white women to advance causes that benefit entire movements, the reciprocity is rarely shown.”

The problem with “Pussy

On the ground at the anti-inauguration protests.

Support the legacy of Indigenous women’s community organizing with the 27th Annual Feb 14th Women’s Memorial March. #MMIWG2S #MMIW #Feb14th pic.twitter.com/na6vtLQor5

Read what Roxanne Gay is reading

Listent to 11 Indigenous podcasts

And finally, Girl Crush’s “Ethics of Self Care” has an incredible line-up of speakers for their upcoming Galentines/Palentines event – get your tickets before they are gone!




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