Planning on writing more this year? Literary project, Many Gendered Mothers, is looking for contributors, posing the fruitful question: “which female, femme, trans or non-binary writer(s) made you feel like there was room in the world for you and your artistic temperament?”

Also: cléo journal is looking for contributors to its forthcoming SOFT issue, dardishi has a call for submissions about FOOD (and accepts work from contributors who identify as Arab and not male) and Red Rising Magazine has a new call for submissions about LOVE: 

An important piece by El Jones on violence against Black women and survival:

None of us were in the Desmond house, and we cannot know. I cannot speak for her, and she is almost nowhere to be found in the coverage. I cannot comment on the realities of her life, and I wouldn’t want to. All I know is when I hear how she was counselled by her family to stay in her marriage, how she said people wouldn’t be telling her that when she was dead, how she was told to stick with him till death do us part, I know how familiar that is. I can think of all the women I know in my family who, if it were me, would tell me the same. “You made your bed,” they would say, not because they didn’t love me, not because they were ignorant, not because they didn’t want me to be safe, but because that was the script they knew for survival.

Nikki Reimer on holding our communities accountable

Photographers of BLMTO talk about their work and share some incredible photographs from 2016

16 women of colour who made history in 2016

Top 5 things to do instead of diet in 2017

Great news: Canada’s Lesbian and Gay Archive, the world’s largest independent queer archive, is undergoing renovations this year to make the space more accessible

“When the dominant subjectivity of HIV is imagined to be white, male, cisgender, and Americanized, institutional responses in government policy and research follow suit.” Lindsay Nixon on the erasure of Indigenous women and two-spirited people in HIV movements.

12 activists, artists, writers, thinkers, and troublemakers on their 2017 political resolutions

A trickster with a cause crashes Canada’s 150th: Kent Monkman’s new exhibit

I have always believed that queer people live literally magical lives. I just try to write that down.”  An interview with Kai Cheng Thom, author of  Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir.

So grateful for this: A Playlist by Mitski

On queer tarot: “Feminists, political queers, and other social activists are always looking for new tools to explain the world around us.”

“Trans people don’t need more visibility, we need better visibility — in all its mess.”  Before you write about a trans character, read this

A Short History of the Tomboy

“I am caught in the middle. No matter how insistently I call myself a feminist, I am judged otherwise, and no matter how much I call myself a religious Muslim, I am also judged otherwise.” A conversation with Ausma Zehanat Khan and Monia Mazigh

Feminized workers deserve an adequate wage, but what happens when getting paid is conditioned on the further exploitation of other feminized workers? This is story is absolutely wild, and demonstrates how this tension materializes in women’s healthcare: the for-profit doula certification company that’s aiming to revolutionize doula work from a fundamental right to a luxury service.

“’If it hurts, it must be working’: my longtime approach to acne treatment.” On facial scrubs and acne shame.

“My 2017 resistance persona is Mariah Carey in a bedazzled bodysuit impatiently waiting for this indignity to end so I can go back to living my whole legendary life.” YES.

Subscribe to these 5 podcasts from women of colour

Listen to new music from key voices within the Indigenous resistance movement

Read these 17 books in 2017


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Fuck Me Up: Submission as Trauma Magic

Clementine Morrigan considers the healing power of BDSM and how the process of surrendering power in a controlled, consensual, chosen situation can be an act of reclaiming power after a lifetime of not having a choice.

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Drawings and words from cool months spent monitoring fish farms with wild salmon protectors in Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw territory

Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer

New fiction from Francesca Ekwuyasi traces the ups and down of long distance friendship, from Lagos to Halifax and back.

Fire in Fort Mac: Stories from the Mushroom Trail

In the aftermath of the 2016 fires in Fort McMurray, morels flourished. Carley-Jane Stanton foraged alongside mushroom hunters, discussing the future of the oil sands, our changing climate, and how the economy effects workers' choices.

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

One Hundred (and Three) Swims

After Kaley Kennedy's miscarriage, she decides to swim 100 times in 2017. In the water and out, she reflects on queer family-making, increasing the terrain of kinship, and using your body to show up, even when it's hard.

Morality Cuts: Uncovering Queer Urban Ecologies 

Estraven Lupino-Smith walks through the history of urban wilderness in Montreal, Toronto and Victoria, finding both cruising spots and coyotes.