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Yesterday, I got to take a long walk with someone I love, feel sun on my face for the first time in weeks, AND I got to see this good dog sitting in a tractor at a gas station. In these stressful times, I’m wishing something equally peaceful and delightful for all of you today!

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A helpful set of reflection, updates and resources on Standing Rock from Native Appropriations. The defense of water and land is continuing, and so is the police violence

“Our children do not have the same services and resources when it comes to health, child welfare, education.” The government has approved an NDP motion to invest $155 million in the welfare of Indigenous children, but for some families, it’s coming too late

Zoe S Todd on care, tenderness and vulnerability in academia

“Patriarchy gives us classes on how to turn our bodies into things that are desirable, soft, and compliant and does little to equip us with what we need to live within the realities of our own skin.” Reflections on internalizing radical love

To watch: 5 webseries by Black feminists

“Usually, the first thing out of my mouth when I meet someone (for better or for worse) is, “Where are you from?” I want to know what they love; I want to know where, if possible, we overlap.” The brilliant Maya Weeks in Blindfield Journal with The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Late Capitalism’s Safe Deposit Box

“The emotional trauma of being hunted by a vicious animal can last for generations”: We, the Hunted: Dogs, Resistance and Survival

attention, marxist grad school bros, come get your sloppy monster of an intellectual hero:

Watch Tanya Tagaq’s new video for Retribution

I loved reading this expansive essay by Deepti Kapoor on naming, politics and globalization: “Suddenly I’m in a world of glass, metal, sterile lighting, tension, tiredness without end, paranoia. A no-man’s-land so far from a market town where all life spills out. A world of silence and queues and yellow lines. It’s 2036. I am my nephew, twenty years old and traveling alone. I have one of these names.”

An oral history of Black Vine and what the platform’s loss means

When I first read this list from Autostraddle readers about their gender presentations, I was feeling pretty ‘Aunt Dad’, and not in a good way, but now that I’m in my weekend wear (a long house dress, hoodie and blanket) I’m feeling like a comfortable sloth femme. How are you presenting today?

An interview with Saeed Jones: “[I want] people to see diverse workplaces and diverse output and say “Oh, this is just what success looks like. This is just what it means to do your job effectively.”

“We gave tongue to something that we all knew was happening. We were courageous enough to call it what it was. But more than that, to offer an alternative. An aspirational message: Black lives matter.” A recognition of the founders of Black Lives Matter

Why are courts jailing victims of sexual assault?

This has been too long in coming, but we at GUTS are really happy to see that editors  at Rabble have finally stopped publishing work from Meghan Murphy

Anti-Black racism is systemic and dangerous in Canada

“The major newsrooms in this country — the Toronto Star included — are unnaturally white. Journalism is a field so antediluvian it is patting itself on its back for opening up to women — white women. I invite any media organization that wants to challenge that assertion to share its racial diversity data.” Shree Paradkar is incisive on the lack of racial diversity in media as a form of oppression

A new project in Halifax is marking Africville’s history

On the importance of women and trans only days at bike shops

“Food has always been my mom’s domain, so maybe it makes sense that she doesn’t want to give me her trade secrets just yet.” Scaachi Koul on learning her mother’s recipes 

A study on injectable birth control for men was halted because of the side effects on participants, including acne, changes in libido, and severe mood swings.


A recommendation for you: if it’s possible, why not make a plan to do something extra cozy tonight? In my experience, the earlier sunset of daylight savings can feel really jarring and require a little extra care. I’m hoping to bake something with rosemary (maybe this very easy thing?) and light lots of candles for when the sun goes down at 5pm.

FINALLY: this week is going to be a lot, we all know that, but here’s something to look forward to – we’re going to be launching our LOVE issue at the end of it! There’s some brilliant work coming your way very soon, and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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