Sunday 18, 2016

by Cynthia 

  •  PEI provincial government announced this week that the new Women’s Wellness Centre will provide on-island abortion services. This is huge news in a province where residents have had travel huge distances (and pay an expensive bridge toll) in order to enact their reproductive rights.
  • Did you buy Ontario peaches this summer? Chances are, they were harvested by migrant workers. Read our very own Natalie Childs’ review of Migrant Dreams, a film by Min Sook Lee about the lives and resistance of temporary foreign workers in southern Ontario.
  • “The values of dominance and separation enforced by the modern RCMP, and the Canadian Border Services Agency, are not universal or self-evident — they are steeped in centuries of racism, colonialism, and white supremacy” Desmond Cole locates where so-called Canadian values, promoted by leaders like Kellie Leitch, are in fact rooted.
  • Pigeon Lake, the site of the wild rice wars between cottagers seeking to protect their property values and Mississauga Anishinaabe growing and harvesting rice, has a new billboard in the community. The installation reads: “Anishinaabe manoomin inaakonigewin gosha” which translates as “wild rice is Anishinaabe law. For some excellent reflections on the role of art in anti-colonial politics, read this interview with Susan Blight, co-curator of the Ogimaa Mikana (Reclaiming/Renaming) Project.
  • In this interview with Democracy Now, Winona LaDuke links historic oil extraction on tribal land to intergenerational trauma among Indigenous people
  • And: how the history of the Sioux peoples’ fight for their homeland runs deep
  • Police in Thunder Bay verbally assaulted a facilitator delivering cross-cultural training focused specifically on murdered and missing Indigenous women, begging such an important question: “What do we do when we’re sending in women to do training on race relations and they feel violated?”
  • Sharing this again for all the folks that aren’t on the twit:

  • “Although romantic obsession seems at first to be an experience fundamentally about another person, it’s actually usually about yourself, even as you insist that it isn’t.” On obsession as self love.
  • This kills me, a guide to becoming A Chill Girl with No Feelings: “Time and time again, I get involved in consensual emotional relationships with other people, and time and time again, when those relationships turn sour, I express my feelings and/or I hold my former flame accountable for their actions. And I have no excuse other than the fact that I am a fucking crazy girl.”
  • While Edward Snowden requested a presidential pardon this week, it’s important to remember that Chelsea Manning continues to endure humiliations and injustices in prison. The Mary Sue considers the media’s different treatment of the two whistleblowers.
  • “Is there a contract between my Blackness and myself that I can’t betray? Does it apply to my womanness, too?” Emma Bracy on Nate Parker’s art
  • Don’t know how I missed it, but My Woman has arrived
  • Black Femme, unlike the cold confines of the white beauty myth, is vulnerable and powerful, ever changing and evolving. Black Femme is fluid. Black Femme is complicated.” Cortez Wright on moving toward a Black Femme politic.
  • Image via this A+ video: Soy yo



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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Our Sunday Links

A weekly round up of links from GUTS