September 11, 2016
by Cynthia 

Hello darlings welcome back. On behalf of the links editors, I can say that we are feeling rejuvenated  and significantly less hot after our end-of-summer break. And we’re looking forward to an exciting next couple of months here at GUTS, including our upcoming mixer and dance party! The event features an incredible line up of feminist DJs, local artists, and door prizes  Don’t forget to get your early bird tickets—they are going fast!


  • This year marks the 50th anniversary of the migrant farmworker program in Canada, a program that permits the ongoing and systemic oppression of the temporary foreign workers who grow and harvest our food. With their Harvesting Freedom Campaign, Justica for Migrant Workers is calling on the Canadian government to allow migrant farm workers in Canada to access Permanent Immigration Status. This fall, the Harvesting Freedom Campaign is travelling across Southern Ontario to spread awareness and facilitate solidarity actions. Find out when they are coming through your town or city!
  • Last Saturday in North Dakota, security guards working for the Dakota access pipeline attacked members of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and other Indigenous protestors with dogs and pepper spray after the protesters intervened in the pipeline companies’ destruction of a sacred Sioux burial site. This came after a US Federal Judge denied the Standing Rock Sioux nation’s attempt to stop construction of the $3.8 billion pipeline, saying that the federal court does not hold jurisdiction over burial sites on what is now accepted as private land.

  • One year ago, Gilary Massa went on maternity leave. Three months later her employer, the Ryerson Student Union, illegally fired the new mom. If you are a student at Ryerson, please sign this petition asking the RSU to give Gilary her job back and apologize for their actions. Check out the I Stand with Gilary page for updates.
  • In the wake of Frank Ocean’s much anticipated comeback, 15 black men speak about  power, control, rape culture, manhood, and masculinity as they each reflect on being a #freeblackman.
  • “Our discussions of rape culture cannot be complete unless we engage the raced and gendered dynamics of white women who weaponize sex to leverage power over men of color.” Zoé Samudzi on the virtuous white woman trope.
  • On September 23, Tangled Art Gallery (TAG), which is dedicated to showcasing disability arts and advancing accessible curatorial practices, will present the second show by artist in residence Gloria Swain. Mad Room highlights Black women’s experience of mental health and trauma by inviting audiences to experience a personal space. It looks like it’s going to be an incredible show, be sure to check it out!
  • A zine about top surgery that touches on “herbal remedies, being ‘sure enough,’ pre- and post-surgery feels, caring for your caregivers, ways to support someone having top surgery, candied ginger, and more.
  • Help support GUTS contributor Laura Shepherd in her gender-affirming surgery recovery. If you can, donate here.
  • The Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ ongoing review of the residential services provided for all children in care has suggested that children be temporarily housed in criminal justice facilities in Northern Ontario. Learn how Indigenous leaders are rejecting the suggestion and calling for better support to help keep Indigenous children closer to their families, communities, and culture—without imprisoning them. 
  • Laverne Cox pays tribute to her personal super heroines: Tina Turner, Tracey Africa, and Bey.

Image via Dolly Parton


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