May 22nd, 2016

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GOOD MORNING! Are you caught up on all the brilliant work we published this week? If not, check out Pauline Johnson’s Comic For Surviving the Apocalpyse, Priya Rehal’s I Fight White Supremacy by Cosplaying, Andrea Abi-Karam’s Glitch the Cis-tem and Lindsay Nixon’s sakihito-maskihkiy acahkosiwikamikohk: Visual Cultures of Indigenous Futurisms

On Tuesday, Bill C-16 passed, which included gender identity and gender expression in the scope of the Human Rights Act. This is an important step, although, as trans advocates have reminded us, it is simply a baseline – so much work remains to be to ensure that all trans and non-binary people can live safe, healthy lives in this country.

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“The longer I have lived, the more painful the enforcement of masculinity has felt, especially as I have developed friendships with people who have been eager to celebrate me for who I am. So in a lot of ways, I see my transition as more of a “de-transition,” trying to undo the work I did to survive.” A great interview with Vivek Shraya

SHAMEFUL NEGLECT: the rates of child poverty on reserves in Canada are extremely high, and we need “immediate action to resolve the ongoing crisis affecting Indigenous people across the country”.

This week in Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got physical with his colleagues, as I’m sure you know, and there’s been a lot of talk about what it means. Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who was elbowed, has received many personal attacks stemming from the incident.

I love Another Round, and if you do too, you might want to read this profile

Why I left the Offing

“My friends understand the work it takes for my pride and fear to live side by side. They don’t question how that happens or say “but I thought you love being disabled!”. They permit me a full range of emotions – including the frustration, sadness, and anger disabled people aren’t supposed to express.” Seven ways my non-disabled friends get it right

Mykki Blanco’s new video High School Never Ends is beautiful but also heartbreaking

VERY CONTROVERSIAL: the gender divide in bathing

Butch Stories: a comic 

Not Enough Fest’s second day is happening in Edmonton today! Did you go yesterday? How was it? Check out our review of the first NEF here. 


The real Ghostbusters

Why employers love advocating self-care: “it’s more comforting to think of self-care as a completely individualized thing rather than as a part of a collective responsibility”.

Kate Beaton, Fort McMurray and Mabou, Nova Scotia!

“It’s amazing what believing in someone can do. My sense since my transition is that people want to believe the best of me.” Until I was a man, I had no idea how good men had it at work

Virginia Woolf’s hookup chart

Yet another celebrated professor is accused of sexual harassment

Poet and GUTS contributor Hannah Battiste’s amazing response to body-shaming was featured on Buzzfeed this week, and she asked us to share some thoughts about it:

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What does it mean when we call women ‘girls’?

The suspect in the arson case at the Montreal gender confirmation surgery clinic is a trans woman

“The pursuit of ‘authenticity’ is something backpackers preoccupy themselves with a lot, which brings me to B. I bring up backpacking because there is a holier-than-thou thing young white backpackers have against tourists, the traveler vs. tourist thing, which is all very entertaining to me. They’re all tourists.” Why most travel writing is elitist, vain and ignorant

Check out and help fund Extraction: a comic series on the dark side of Canadian mining companies at home and abroad

There are some gorgeous images in this (NSFW) collection of photography of sex workers

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“And just to say even more honestly since poetry is the currency of my life when it works double-time and produces money too (or something else) I probably like it the best.” Eileen Myles talks about getting paid

A conversation between Angela Davis and Yuri Kochiyama

Sorry/Not Sorry: a sweet feminist mixtape from Bitch

“Women who live alone are objects of fear or pity, witches in the forest or Cathy comics.” The fierce triumph of loneliness

“in 2015, I withered a little but woke the fuck up. I learned more about who I wanted to be, and what it might cost to get there.

As a result of writing, in 2015, my body became a constantly open wound more sensitive to injury, more ready to respond and repel it.” I’m really excited to discover MICE Magazine – if it’s new to you too, start with Jennifer Tamayo’s When You Handle Poison. 

FINALLY: we are getting really close to our second Patreon goal – 250$ a month in support from readers would allow us to increase the rates that we pay to our incredibly committed and talented contributors. If you are able to make a small monthly contribution to help GUTS keep the conversation going, you would have our unceasing gratitude, and maybe some sweet rewards as well! 

Happy Sunday and long weekend everyone!

Image: I saw this sign in a window and I’ve been thinking about their relationship ever since


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