November 22, 2015

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Our FOOD/LAND issue is wrapped! We’re so proud of it, and everyone who helped put it together. If you haven’t read it, you can catch up on the whole thing here.
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THANK YOU! Here are some links.


– Friday was the Transgender Day of Remembrance – a painful day in a year that has seen a enormous amount of violence against trans people. Meredith Talusan eloquently explained why “trans women are still put in a position where violence against us is our own responsibility.”

– The brilliant Dr. Sarah Hunt spoke about how colonialism is built upon violently upholding gender binaries, and luckily for us, it’s on Youtube!

A comic on two-spirit identity

A gorgeous, hugely important piece on those who have been building the movement to call for an inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Please give it a read and learn about these leaders within our communities.

Rinelle Harper spoke to youth in Winnipeg this week and her words and her power are beacons of hope.

– Jimmy Iovine and Apple Music think that women need a boyfriend to help them find music. As Iovine said: “I just thought of a problem: girls are sitting around talking about boys. Or complaining about boys! They need music for that, right? It’s hard to find the right music. Not everyone… knows a DJ.” So true!!

– Lots of executives said stupid shit this week. The (former?) CEO of Tinder described his own experience using the app:

“Attraction is nuanced. I’ve been attracted to women who are …” he pauses “… well, who my friends might think are ugly. I don’t care if someone is a model. Really. It sounds clichéd and almost totally unbelievable for a guy to say this, but it’s true. I need an intellectual challenge. Apparently there’s a term for someone who gets turned on by intellectual stuff. You know, just talking. What’s the word?” His face creases the effort of trying to remember. “I want to say ‘sodomy’?”

– “You are lying in bed masturbating, just like any other night.” On female ejaculation and pleasure

– Scaachi Koul has been doing tremendous work recently, both fighting sad mad MRAs on Twitter and writing great work for BuzzFeed. Here’s a piece on the “Slick Rise of Vintage Masculinity” , explaining why “women hate fedoras so much.”

– Rebecca Solnit wrote about 80 Books No Woman Should Read,

“though of course I believe everyone should read anything they want. I just think some books are instructions on why women are dirt or hardly exist at all except as accessories or are inherently evil and empty. Or they’re instructions in the version of masculinity that means being unkind and unaware, that set of values that expands out into violence at home, in war, and by economic means.”

– Two Indigenous women in Saskatchewan were pressured into tubal ligations against their will

– Adele pretended to be an Adele impersonator and it’s cute

– A mental image you might need is Missy Elliot alone in the studio with her dogs: “It’s just me and my little Yorkies, Poncho and Hoodie.”

Rachel Syme wrote a masterwork on the selfie

-This, on white women’s tears and the men who love them, was very important for me to read and continue to work on and think about. If you’re also a white woman interested in combating white supremacy, I suggest you check it out.

“As we develop our racial consciousness we learn how to express our emotions in ways that do not continually center whiteness. While we cannot control how our tears impact others, we need to find ways that don’t privilege our immediate emotional needs over the needs of people of color.”

The Bay Area roots of Black Lives Matter

Reading While White

Nicki Minaj reading Maya Angelou!

– Do you belong to a majority white institution? (If you live in Canada, it’s pretty likely). Then it would be a good idea to read Larissa Pham on the architecture of racism at Yale:

Screen shot 2015-11-21 at 5.24.51 PM

– There are some sweet new podcasts by/about women swirling around! Hazlitt is launching Cavern of Secrets, which sounds amazing from the teaser, and Woman of the Hour is talking to some amazing guests. Of course there’s Witch, Please, the Harry Potter podcast you need. Another Round has been around for a while but I’ve been sleeping and I just discovered it, so I’ve spent hours walking around laughing aloud listening to it in the past week.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments!


Image: Ok, the image is from the commercial but I’m pretending they’re all laughing at the idea Mary J Blige needs some dude to make her a mixtape


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A weekly round up of links from GUTS