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A new way for surveillance and technology to intersect with motherhood: Diller’s bosses could look up aggregate data on how many workers using Ovia’s fertility, pregnancy and parenting apps had faced high-risk pregnancies or gave birth prematurely; the top medical questions they had researched; and how soon the new moms planned to return to work.

A profile of Gitxsan/Nisga’a artist Shawna Davis

How the Academic Institution Silences Indigenous Faculty by Dr. Cheryl Suzack

“[Tuberculosis] is nearly 300 times more prevalent among Inuit communities than Canadian-born, non-Indigenous people. Rates in the North are comparable to those in developing nations.”

Healthcare generally is about access — and then having the patience, the perseverance and the ability to advocate for yourself. This is hard enough under the best of circumstances, but what if you’re not straight? What if your birth gender assignment is wrong? What if the pain is physical and mental? If they won’t hear you when it hurts, how will they hear you through all those other complexifying aspects to our identity?”

Six Fat Writers, Activists and Athletes who Defy Traditional Femininity

“The Fund for Trans Writers is a $100,000.00 ongoing fundraising campaign that aims to provide an ongoing contribution/support to trans writers in Canada for their labour. Whether it’s financial support to attend conferences, process time for writing, or day-to-day assistance for living, the fund will be continually replenished in the hope that we can make the lives of trans writers a little easier, & safer.”

The Particular Cruelty of Domestic Violence

“Average incomes of racialized people in the Toronto region have stagnated or dropped over the past 35 years while incomes of non-racialized residents have soared”

Photos of Lesbian Lives Meant to Inspire a Movement: “Joan E. Biren began to photograph at a time when it was almost impossible to find authentic images of lesbians and aimed to help build a movement for their liberation.” Here’s an image from the collection of Frances Clayton and Audre Lorde, 1981.

Finally, on this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to return to GUTS’s fourth issue, Moms.


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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Cultivating Microbiopolitical Self-Care

on the symbiotic relationships we have with all kinds of microbial cultures

Saturn Return P.S.

Comic artists Cee Lavery and JB Brager on what they've learned in saturn return

Don’t Talk to Me #49

on a good day, we’d shop in the discount bins at Giant Tiger, store glowing ugly yellow, buy those knock off white Converse,  hundreds of bins overflowing with junk, thousands of plastic objects ready made to reach the sea, one day or...

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Our Sunday Links

A weekly round up of links from GUTS