Our Sunday Links

The Yukon government will now cover the cost of the abortion pill: “By providing coverage of the medication, we are allowing Yukoners to make the choice that is right for them, regardless of the cost.”

Western Canada Is Still Struggling to Replace Cancelled Greyhound Service

How Racism Against Native People Is Normalized, From Mascots to Costumes

Here are the astrological signs of ‘The L Word’!

Sunny Dhillon on the daily struggles faced by journalists of colour, and why he decided to leave The Globe and Mail: “To be a journalist of colour is to walk a tightrope. On which issues do you weigh in? On which issues do you not? What do you pretend you didn’t see or hear? When that isn’t possible, when do you cowardly chuckle along?”

Steven Galloway is suing 20 individuals, including the woman who had initially accused him of sexual assault, for defamation of character. Please consider donating to the defendants’ legal fund and spreading the word about the campaign far and wide to show your support for survivors.

Voting isn’t just “harm reduction” for marginalized people who have to face the consequences

Here’s an illustrated guide for LGBTQ Muslim Youth filled with gorgeous artwork, language guides, insights from peers, and more.

The federal government will introduce its Poverty Reduction Act next week, bringing forward new legislation to implement Canada’s first-ever official poverty line

Our friends at Briarpatch just launched their November/December Labour Issue!

Tari Ngangura on the perceptiveness of Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents 20 years after its release: “Parable of the Talents remains one of Butler’s most compelling works, a book that’s both Oracle and cautionary tale. Twenty years later, it is has aged not as something that simply belongs in the circles of literary academia, but as a mirror image of an American society that is flawed, fractured and perpetually haunted by the mistakes it’s never learned from. Only a black woman could have written something so glaring and unforgiving.”

Having My Cake and Eating It: What It’s Like to be an Asexual Sex Worker

Louis C.K. and the Tired Practice of White People Using Black People as Their Woke GPS

In Defense of Prudence Night on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

An interview with Alice Lesperance and Samantha Puc of Fatventure Magazine, a new magazine for women and nonbinary people centered around active lifestyles beyond the boundaries of weight-loss culture.

This week on the blog, we released an excerpt from Larissa Lai’s newest novel, The Tiger Flu, a sci-fi story about a community of parthenogenic women sent into exile by patriarchal and corporate Salt Water City.

Oh, and our Surveillance Issue is launching soon! We’ll be sharing works by some of the artists who are contributing to the issue on Instagram over the next week. Follow along to discover some amazing feminist art!


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An Interview with Margeaux Feldman and Lauren Fournier

An Interview with Sick Theories conference organizers Margeaux Feldman and Lauren Fournier

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS


An excerpt from Larissa Lai's newest novel The Tiger Flu—a queer, cyberpunk thriller

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

When Ceremony is Not Enough

On the promise of healing through culture

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Ask a Feelings-Witch: Organizing Burnout

Advice on organizing, obligation, and knowing when and how to call it quits from Carly Boyce, Feelings Witch.