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High school students across Ontario walked out of classes this week to protest the Ford government’s changes to the sex-ed curriculum

Andrea Long Chu on Colette

Against performative sharing

“Maybe this is often how social change feels to those with power: that one person’s gain is necessarily another’s loss. At the meeting, there seemed to be a consensus among gifted kids and their parents that forces had been unleashed against them. They had worked hard to make a huge, overburdened, underfunded system work for them, and now the spoils of those efforts were at risk.” Who gets to be gifted? 

“We need to stop confusing sex work with human trafficking” – an interview with Elene Lam, executive director of Butterfly

A photoessay on witches in America

Ten translations of care

The very good news is that the new noname album is here! Doreen St Felix writes about it and you can listen to it:

Appropriated identities and the new wave of dispossession

Because the story was mine

A profile on Black farmers in the US, including Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm, which does transformative work in upstate New York.

Radical Indigenous Queer Feminism is Ceremony

“We are terrified to make even one tiny mistake, yet at the same time we are faced with a ruling class that makes little effort to hide its flagrant misdeeds: graft, corruption, and perhaps most appalling in our age of so-called meritocracy, sheer incompetence. ” Tell Me It’s Going to Be OK – Miya Tokumistu on why we’re all so anxious

If you missed it, check out Sally Yue Lin’s Laughing in The Dark: Watching Melanated Films with White People, out now on the GUTS blog!

Finally, it’s my birthday today and it’s fall and it’s Libra season! Enjoy the sun and the orange things while they’re here !

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trans anorganismic, etc.

to feel pleasure is a movement towards a locus of healing, and to cum is to give into into a novel experience of trust and arrival

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A meditation on Black forced migration and transcendent acts of resistance as reflected in storytelling, mythistory, music, literature, and dreamtime.

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a poetic geography of survival that holds settler colonialism—not the streets or the people there—responsible for acts of violence

Sk8 or Die!!: careful recklessness as resistance

On a skateboard, Trynne Delaney develops a new understanding of public space alongside femmes who, like her, are coming into their queerness and racialized identities.

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