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Your new favourite podcast is here – check out Heavy Content, a podcast where Samantha Nock watches everything with a fat character in it and lets us know if it’s good or soul-crushing. The first episode is on the trope of the Fat Best Friend!

Prisoners across the US and Canada are refusing food as part of a major prison strike. This is a good article on  why prisoners are striking, and these are the demands of those incarcerated at the Burnside prison in Nova Scotia

New poetry by Indigenous women, including Abigail Chabitnoy, Tria Blu Wakpa, Heather Cahoonand Sara Marie Ortiz.

An Anishinaabe Studies Syllabus

Meet Sachiko Charlotte Gyoba and other older women being arrested for protesting the TransMountain pipeline expansion

BlogTO is reporting that all Ontario ministries are now being banned from talking about climate change on social media

“I’m afraid of women who, when I share my experiences of being trans, try to console me by announcing “welcome to being a woman,” refusing to recognize the ways in which our experiences fundamentally differ. But I’m especially afraid of women because my history has taught me that I can’t fully rely upon other women for sisterhood, or allyship, or protection from men.” An excerpt from Vivek Shraya’s I’m Afraid of Men

Sandra Oh on being the protagonist

Nobody said reconciliation would be easy

A microinterview with Anne Carson

Little of how these senior scholars have conducted themselves online convinces me that they are willing to help minoritized, vulnerable people, if that help means risking their standing in their various coteries.Caliban Responds: Keguro Macharia on the defenders of Avital Ronell

Andrea Long Chu on extreme pregnancy

Poems by Shira Erlichman

What it’s really like to be Black and work in fashion

The great Chinese art heist

When sex positivity feels like pressure

Residents in Ottawa’s Heron Gate are being evicted in the “largest forced displacement in Canada in recent history”

Last but not least: now’s the time to send us your pitch for the Surveillance Issue! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Growing is Resistance

While caring for her garden, Nickita Longman reflects on her relationship to food and food security as an Indigenous woman.

A Real Estate Ghost Story

Hauntings and survival in low-vacancy metropoles

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Becoming a Butt Slut: Anal Sex as a Practice of Sexual Mindfulness

The road to becoming a self-identified butt slut is paved with mindfulness and good communication

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Call for Submissions

GUTS is looking for submissions to our upcoming issue! Send us your pitch by September 7, 2018

Punished, Shamed, Sued, or Healed

Gwen Benaway on the cycle of #metoo editorials asking for women to be shamed, named, and sued

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS