Our Sunday Links

I’ve got a short list of links this week because it’s summer and I’ve got cucumbers to harvest! Here you go:

Visibility has its rewards: six cartoonists on gender and transition

A great resource that Femifesto put out in 2015 that remains very relevant: Use the Right Words, a guide for media on how to report on sexual violence

“Would you rather be perceived as likable or competent?” Real Life Would You Rathers

Check out Perfect Flowers: A Queer Botany Zine from Interlocking Roots

How to transfer your land to Indigenous peoples

Terry Crews and the Discomfort of Masculine Anxiety

I watched Nanette this week and this roundtable helped me process my feelings about it!

That’s all, hope you get to do something that makes you feel like this:


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Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Samantha Marie Nock reflects on what she's learned about fatphobia, friendship, and healing one year after a New Year's Eve breakdown.

The Cultural Politics of Softness

"We are collapsing under the pressure to be chill, to be detached"

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Safe Enough: On Love, Fear & Queer Dance Parties

"I often want to hide the concision of my personal queer history, the newness of my roots."

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Family in the Time of the Internet

Mediated Natures: Surveillance and Animals

I keep a nest cam feed going in the background while I work or read online. The feeds provide some nice background noise, and if anything gets loud, I take a tiny break to see whatโ€™s going on. These cams...

(Indigenous) Governance is Gay

"It is a mission of mine to make Indigenous women and queerndns realize that governance is merely about how we relate to each other as collectivities."