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If you’re queer or trans, I’m wishing you a happy pride! Less in the gay capitalist way, of course, and more in the I’m so proud of you for being resistant and resilient way. I hope you basked (and continue to bask) in all the glory of your friendships and communities this week.


This week in books: preorder Lindsay Nixon’s nîtisânak! And while you’re at it, request your local library get a copy of Vivek Shraya’s I’m Afraid of Men.

Them has been honoring Queeroes! These profiles are so fun, I highly recommend checking them out.

Stone Butch Blues is Kaitlyn Greenidge’s pick for best book of 2018.

How queer can mainstream lit get?

Arielle Twist thinks queerness and translation alongside Lou Sheppard’s installation and performance work.

MICE Magazine’s fourth issue OPACITIES is here.

For those of you in Toronto, here’s a event about detoxifying masculinity as a way to end gender-based violence.

Journalist Donna Minkowitz apologized for the way she broke the story of Brandon Teena’s murder by revisiting it.


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Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Samantha Marie Nock reflects on what she's learned about fatphobia, friendship, and healing one year after a New Year's Eve breakdown.

The Cultural Politics of Softness

"We are collapsing under the pressure to be chill, to be detached"

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Safe Enough: On Love, Fear & Queer Dance Parties

"I often want to hide the concision of my personal queer history, the newness of my roots."

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Family in the Time of the Internet

Mediated Natures: Surveillance and Animals

I keep a nest cam feed going in the background while I work or read online. The feeds provide some nice background noise, and if anything gets loud, I take a tiny break to see what’s going on. These cams...

(Indigenous) Governance is Gay

"It is a mission of mine to make Indigenous women and queerndns realize that governance is merely about how we relate to each other as collectivities."