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It’s a short list today, folks! Enjoy your Sundays.

“Hard can be comforting and desirable, hard does not have to hurt,” writes Al(aina) in A Love Letter to Butch People (That is Accidentally About My Dad).

The Chefs We Don’t See is about how great female chefs become invisible.

Domestic ideals are tenuous: in mid 1900s, making salad was “Manly AF”.

A joyful article: Inside the Chicago Gay and Straight Alliance Prom 

There’s nothing capitalism can’t alchemize into a business opportunity, but for it to be a useful tool for marketers, body positivity needed to be decoupled from fatness and political advocacy, sanitized, and neatly repackaged into something that begins and ends with images“, writes Amanda Mull.

The Self-Defeating Myth of “Pulling it Off” – skinny girl privilege is real.

Ecological Grief is “grief that’s in response to a change to a beloved homeland or environment or ecosystem.” Read more here.

Canada’s Emerging Indigenous Rights Framework: A Critical Analysis

David Chariandy On Growing Up Black in Canada

Jia Tolentino’s The Rage of the Incels explains how “Incels aren’t really looking for sex, they’re looking for absolute male supremacy.”

“Some of these men will indulge in violent fantasies about how to restore the rights they imagine they’ve lost; sometimes, more often than we’d like to admit, that violence will spill over from fantasy to reality. And yet almost every single one of them will insist that they are, at their core, nice guys”, writes Anne Thériault in Canada’s niceness is the very reason its young men radicalize.

We just published My Gender is Saturn Return: Part II on our blog! Check it out!


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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

My Gender is Saturn Return, Part II: Aliens & Adolescence

The continuation of a hand-drawn conversation series between comic artists Cee Lavery and JB Brager—on adolescence and transfiguration.

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Ask a Feelings-Witch: Low Key Breakup Skills

Advice from feelings-witch Carly Boyce on breaking up, because some lovers are better suited as friends.

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Interview with Connor Spencer

A conversation with Connor Spencer on confronting gendered and sexualized violence on university campuses

An Interview with Alessandra Naccarato

Estlin McPhee speaks with Alessandra Naccarato, author of Highly Sensitive Femme, about poetry, being a witch, and illness as initiation.