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“This is a secret of femininity: paying careful attention to the world’s complexity can mean letting it walk all over you. But to admit this was to concede too much. We deserved some recklessness. It can look like violence when women afford themselves the luxury of generalization.” Bad TV, by Andrea Long Chu, is very good.

When the men we love hate women 

How to Make a Meme: A tutorial with Instagram lesbian superstar @xenaworrierprincess

The Resilience project offers an incredible collection of Indigenous women artists and large-scale artworks, which will be shown on billboards across Canada throughout the summer – you can read the curator’s essay here, and view the artwork here. 

Shelley Niro’s The Rebel

Tiana Reid on resort season

Migrant farm workers in Canada are particularly and structurally vulnerable to sexual violence in the workplace, and there are regulatory changes the government could make that would greatly affect their ability to work safely.

Meet the Black women upending the romance novel industry

Technology will not solve misogyny

An interview with Hanya Yanagihara

A standalone trans support centre has opened in Windsor

Underwater Overwater is a new performance from the Probably Theatre Collective, happening in Toronto from May 17th to 26th. Learn more and check it out! 

The Internet Women Made

Black Girl Magic is decolonizing institutions

Zinzi Clemmons and others have confronted Junot Diaz with his history of sexual assault and verbal abuse. 

Chasing drinks with lies, and lies with drinks

An interview with Arielle Twist about her latest Internet obsession, @exotic.cancer

Colouring like this is so fun ???

A post shared by @ exotic.cancer on

As Sandy Hudson writes, women of colour have been warning about the dangers of  MRAs on Canadian campuses for years. It’s past time to start listening.

An article on Native Land, a super helpful app to start finding out about the territory you’re in or visiting. 

“i think we must refuse despair and embrace healing, slow and imperfect though it may be. i am trying to embrace my own healing. i am trying to embrace my own painful, wounded life.” Kai Cheng Thom’s notes on the application of justice



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GUTS is (Land) Back!

GUTS is back, bbs! We are a collective of feminist editors who don’t see our communities’s interests represented in Canadian and American media and publishing. We were able to get where we are today—positions where we can support and mentor...

Call for Submissions: REVENGE

The REVENGE Issue there are many hungers— no matter, i am not the hungry one here. — jaye simpson, “beautiful monsters in uncanny valley,” it was never going to be okay We are witnessing a shift in the ways history...

We Can’t Stop Here: Lessons from an American Road Trip

Listen to “We Can’t Stop Here: Lessons from an American Road Trip” Growing up, I remember craning the antenna on my stereo to catch the frequency from Buffalo’s premiere hip hop station, WBLK. Somehow through the radio, America—and the vibrant...

trans anorganismic, etc.

to feel pleasure is a movement towards a locus of healing, and to cum is to give into into a novel experience of trust and arrival

The Fluid Dynamics of Black Being

A meditation on Black forced migration and transcendent acts of resistance as reflected in storytelling, mythistory, music, literature, and dreamtime.

Urban NDNs in the DTES

a poetic geography of survival that holds settler colonialism—not the streets or the people there—responsible for acts of violence

Sk8 or Die!!: careful recklessness as resistance

On a skateboard, Trynne Delaney develops a new understanding of public space alongside femmes who, like her, are coming into their queerness and racialized identities.

Editorial Note: Movement

GUTS started in Edmonton in 2013. The idea for a feminist magazine began during a small reading group, inspired by dialogue with seminal and emerging feminist theory and writing. The first issue launched on a homemade website and featured content...