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Good morning! I hope the time change gave you the extra sleep you needed, and that you got to see the moon this weekend.

The Supreme Court has ruled against the Ktunaxa Nation, allowing a luxury ski resort to be built on a site sacred to their faith.

“When I ask white women to let women of colour through, I am not saying I hate white women. I am trying to show that white women have an easier time navigating the world than do coloured women, because their skin colour allows them to enjoy more advantages and a relatively higher level of safety. When we make space for women of colour, we are saying “we see you, we love you, we appreciate you” and allowing them to have a safe space from which to enjoy the show. This affects about 10-12 people at my shows in Canada, when it has been done in the past. This is meant as an opportunity to show them love, solidarity and compassion.

This gesture of giving space is an act of love, and it’s not a new tactic. I adopted it because it feels good, it makes me feel safe and it also makes other women feel safe.”

Lido Pimienta has been facing a lot of online harassment from shitty trolls because of this policy at her shows, if you’re able, you can report them on Twitter and other platforms!

In the first video from Them’s new series Sister, Cister, watch filmmaker Reina Gossett and curator Kimberly Drew talk nails, gender, care and so much more!

“Decolonial love is learning to love yourself so much that so, that, when your future generations are sitting there, worried, anxious, and heartbroken, they can have the strength to pull themselves back up again and learn to love themselves: fully, wholly, and outside of another person’s existence.” Samantha Nock’s Learning I Had a Body

My Queer Bod

On Colton Boushie and the insidiousness of white privilege in Canada

A really powerful thread from Max FineDay on the work of reconciliation

Alexander Chee on how to write a novel 

“Pure merit is a myth. Even in the legal profession, and maybe especially so there, as much as merit may be about working hard, it is more accurately about opportunity, belonging and fit. And as a person of colour, these are roadblocks at every step along the way. Do you fit in as a law student? Can you even go to law school in the first place? Do you get an interview? Do you choose not to apply because you don’t see yourself represented? Do you fit enough to get the job? And if you get the job, can you fit enough to remain?” Hadiya Roderique on the idea of “fit” in the law and outside of it. 

Important research on the definition of Indigenous homelessness in Canada

What the fuck, Newfoundland cops?

COP23 is starting soon, and among others, we’re going to be following climate activist and GUTS contributor Tina Oh for updates from the conference

“To situate myself inside a conversation on Queerness feels like a particular violence.” Holy Wild, a talk from Gwen Benaway

On loving butch/femme as a trans woman

“It is the responsibility of the poet to say many times: there is no

freedom without justice and this means economic
justice and love justice”  

On Grace Paley’s political vision of love (also, have you read Grace Paley? If not, find Enormous Changes at the Last Minute or the Collected Stories, ok?

YA novels that delve into racial injustice and police brutality

A new video from Vivek Shraya!

“Here’s the thing about working with your hands. They get fucked up.” My messed-up farmer hands and I are feeling Megan Kinch’s piece on manual labour in Briarpatch this week!

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