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Yesterday was my birthday and the start of Libra season and so as an official representative I want to welcome you all to this conflict-averse time of year:

. ♎️ ♎️ YOU WILL LIKE ME ♎️ ♎️

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Reel Girl Talk and Black Women Film! are hosting a festival that highlights black women filmmakers in Canada, and they’re looking for submissions – find all the details here, and submit your film by September 27th!

How I Made It features 100+ young women and people with cool jobs and good advice, your favourites are here and some new people to learn about too!

Good Fat Care is a new database looking to connect people with healthcare providers who are committed to providing good care without focusing on your weight.

Toronto friends: you’re invited to the launch of Beyond the Basics – a new comprehensive and inclusive sex-ed guide – on Thursday, September 28th. Get your free tickets here!

“Roughly one-third of my waking hours since the age of eleven have been spent nodding in vague affirmation at the reminder, “You know, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size.”” Mallory Ortberg makes the case for wearing a binder

All mouth and no ears: Settlers with Opinions

The personal essay isn’t dead. It’s just no longer white. 

Becoming Dangerous is a “nonfiction book of deeply personal essays by marginalised people using the intersection of feminism, witchcraft, and resistance to summon power and become fearsome in a world that would prefer them afraid” –   they’re having a fundraiser to get the book printed, you can support here if you’re interested!

My interest in basketball is very minimal but actually maybe it’s the best sport?

“This whole thing of starting on a level playing field is ridiculous. [Nearly] 80 percent of the lock-ups are people of color. You’re locking up all of these people who are trying to be entrepreneurs, but now that it’s legal, you’re allowed to say, “Oh, you can come into our industry, but you can’t have a criminal record. You can have a million dollars, but it can’t be from cannabis, it has to be from your 401(k), or investments, or from your daddy.” A new episode of the CodeSwitch podcast on legally selling weed as a Black woman

Make Kin, Not Borders

Lynn Gehl on how Canada is carrying out cultural genocide with a smile

Kara Walker is tired of talking, but her canvases scream.

Read My Abyss, by Patty Yumi Cottrell: “I looked at my family in a detached way, the way a person who dislikes plants would look at plants. For many years, perhaps five to ten, I felt nothing for them, and I reserved all of my joy, happiness, and dread for my obsession with Fiona Apple.”

Dear White People, Stop Making Racism All About You

Mask Magazine is the small media company making independent publishing a threat again, and they are so great! Check out the work they’re doing if you haven’t yet. 

Working to use accessible language in activist spaces doesn’t automatically make you anti-elitist

Lido Pimienta won the Polaris Prize! Here’s some coverage, and here’s where you can stream La Papessa, the best album of the year. 

Check out these new podcasts by women in Toronto

A look back at The Ethical Slut, now that everyone is poly

If you missed it, check out the latest instalment of Ask A Feelings-Witch: Carly Boyce has some really good advice on coming to terms with your relationship to money under this fucked-up capitalist system.


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