Our Sunday Links

Good morning! This week’s links are short and sweet, just like this summer. I hope these days have some nice surprises in them for you, along with the challenging ones.

The radical copyeditor’s style guide for writing about trans people

An investigation into labour abuses in the laundry industry 

Melania Trump and the chilling artifice of fashion

The Ethnic Aisle is looking for submissions on Black women’s joy! Submit by September 15th.

What Lena Waithe wants from Hollywood

What do we mean when we say “toxic masculinity”?

A guide to Mi’kma’ki for Halifax friends and anyone who wants to learn about it!

The founders of Witchsy invented a fake male cofounder named Keith to circumvent the misogyny they faced in the startup world

Four women on what living on minimum wage looks like for them

A body in motion: on re-learning to dance

In defence of looting

Check out “The Secret Life of Canada” and this podcast playlist of episodes that deal with parts of Canadian history that are often hidden or glossed over. 

An excerpt from  A Wretch Like Me: Sad/Black/Ugly/Queer

Programs meant to encourage women in STEM may be backfiring — because it’s not women who need to change

If your conversations on racism with fellow white people are consistently getting stuck or looping, here are thirteen questions to get things moving again

We’re running a giveaway contest over on our Instagram page until midnight tonight – check it out and comment to win passes for this great workshop happening next week!

We’re giving away one ticket to next weekend’s Fierce AF Intersectional Feminist Writers’ Workshop and Speakers’ Series hosted by @nastywomenspress! All weekend, aspiring writers, creatives, freelancers and authors will learn to write through an intersectional feminist lens. The impressive speaker lineup includes: Kai Cheng Thom, @gotmysassypanties, @kwetoday and @akiomaroon. Here’s how to enter:
1 – Like this post!
2 – Be sure to follow our page @guts.magazine
3 – Follow @nastywomenspress
4 – Tag two friends in the comments below and tell us why you deserve to be part of this #fierceAF crew! Contest ends Sunday, September 3rd at 11:59 ET. The winner will be announced on Monday, September 4th on @nastywomenspress. For workshop details, see nastywomenspress.com.

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Finally, if you’re going back to school, or if you have feelings about the end of summer, I suggest that you read Three Songs at the End of Summer, by Jane Kenyon. Good luck!


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Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Dreaming of Home

Gwen Benaway writes about her first time having sex after SRS - a voyage of fear, pleasure and discovery.

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Our Sunday Links

A weekly roundup of links from GUTS

Fuck Me Up: Submission as Trauma Magic

Clementine Morrigan considers the healing power of BDSM and how the process of surrendering power in a controlled, consensual, chosen situation can be an act of reclaiming power after a lifetime of not having a choice.

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