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Happy long weekend! I’m Carmina, your newest contributor to Sunday Links. I just watched a fantastic documentary about Indigenous influence on pop / rock music, called Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World. I’ve been dancing to the songs all day. Check it out! And these links, as well.

In the wake of Canada 150 celebrations, Yamri Taddese writes on anti-blackness in Canada and how saying “That couldn’t happen here” allows it to continue.

“For black girls, home is both a refuge and where your most intimate betrayals happen.” Tressie McMillan Cottom on “How We Make Black Girls Grow Up Too Fast”.

FYI, Women of Colour Shouldn’t Have to be Revolutionary for White Women to Tolerate Us

“If the system is fair, why am I seeing that everybody who has brown skin is in this kind of job? You’re having to think about that … like you’re not as good, or your social group isn’t as good”. A new study finds that when kids of colour believe in meritocracy, they have lower self-esteem and are more likely to engage in risky behaviour.

This amazing interview with James Baldwin took place in 1968 and still rings true today. He would be 93 years old this year.

Read this article by Lauren Michele Jackson on how race is as auditory as it is visual – and how the lyrics site Genius is mining black culture.

“If you think trans women should disclose and “be honest,” then why don’t you work on making the damn world safe for us to exist in the first place?” Janet Mock responds to transphobia from the radio show “The Breakfast Club”.

Raquel Willis also comments on transphobia and misogynoir after “The Breakfast Club” incident: “trans people don’t exist simply as the punchlines in your jokes or in hypothetical fantasies of Black cis men”.

Check out this great conversation with author Jia Qing Wilson-Yang, winner of Lambda Literary Awards’ prize for Best Transgender Fiction.

This list of 8 Black Lesbian Speculative Fiction Books to Read Right Now is great for your summer reading list!

“This dude at a party asked, ‘Are you a man or woman?’ I’m like, ‘I’m your question.'” An interview with writer and editor jay dodd. 

This is a striking and tender photo series of a couple going through gender-confirmation surgery together. 

The Saskatoon Health Region recently apologized for coercing indigenous women into sterilization.

The Native Youth Sexual Health Network has created a crowdfunding campaign to bring their team together as they grow and work across Turtle Island.

“By continuing to enforce the view of humanity as a set of political states, with Europe at the centre of the planet…foreign policy actively contributes to the erasure of Indigenous political difference conceptually as well as Indigenous bodies physically.” Hayden King on “The erasure of Indigenous thought in foreign policy.”

Xinona: a wonderful auditory and reading experience on Indigenous resistance from the National Film Board.

I love this beautiful, interactive piece showing how Nunavut youth are finding resilience and healing through dance.

The justice system is broken: “2 more sex assault cases where victims were jailed to ensure their court testimony”

Heading to a farmer’s market this weekend? This study from the University of Guelph reports on how healthy and ethically produced food is primarily accessible to the wealthy.

Some questions to think about relating to caregiving, from Catherine Hernandez’s  “Everything Your Caregiver Wants to Tell You but Isn’t Privileged Enough to Say”: “Do I speak to my caregiver respectfully?…What has happened in my lifetime to treat my caregiver with disrespect? Where did I learn misogyny? How can I work on this today without asking for the emotional labour of others around me?”

Have you been ghosted? Have you been a ghoster? Maya Binyam offers an interesting take on the issue.

Björk Says New Album Is Her “Tinder Record”

If you missed it this week, read Morgan M Page’s latest advice column on GUTS: Courting Disaster

And finally, a very important PSA:


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