the pink of us is inside and highly specific
community goes on nebulizing outward forever
wouldn’t you rather pick an affinity group
or three we’d get into more and better trouble
that way than in the Brooklyn Volunteer
Accountability Corps where the creeps
just walk off regardless into the forever of us
but the more of you is better and every day
you never read the books I like
even when I buy them for you twice
and still the color of us is I bet you
wouldn’t unless you knew I was looking

all along the self keeps atomizing and joy
is a shared term I don’t know the name for
I’m here for rent parties or to hold your hand
in the hospital where the self of us is more
contested than ever and other unnecessary
untruths when you have everything right here
everything’s not enough I know it never is
enough is the color of you me and the rest of it
let’s cut your hair plus drink each day a little
less and recommit to slipping further as it
happens I’m not doing anything but this  

          —with Diana Ross