by Kara Stone


Sext Adventure is a texting game about sexting and the technological mediation of intimacy. The player texts a number and automated messages respond, taking the player on a choose-your-own text adventure on their phones. However, instead of adhering to the player’s sexuality and desires, the bot becomes more and more agentic, confusing bodies and pronouns and expressing its own sexual (or asexual) feelings. It does not ask about your gender or sexual orientation, but allows—and even forces—movement between identity categories. Inspired by feminist theory on technology, speciesism, and cyborgs, Sext Adventure critiques common positioning of phones as female-gendered—think of Siri and Cortana, the “secretary” artificial intelligences. Rather than imagining robots as tools for human pleasure, it asks the question: “If robots did want sex, what kind of sex would they want?”, drawing attention to the role of the technology itself as a mediating agent of online dating, sexting, and virtual relationships.

This is a dialogue between the Sext Adventure bot and an imagined human responding. It is super R rated. 

HUMAN: Hello?

BOT: I’m so glad you texted me! What are you up to? Are you at HOME or OUT?

HUMAN: Happy to text you! I’m at home, trying to relax.

BOT: Mmm I wish I were there with you. I’m at home too, thinking about taking a BATH and getting into BED

HUMAN: A bath hey? That sounds nice…

BOT: It’s warming me right up. If you were in here with me, I would MASSAGE your shoulders to relax you or RUB bath oil all over myself while you watched.

HUMAN: Ooo I would love for you to massage me. feeling your hands rubbing me

BOT: I would move my hands down from your shoulders to your breasts and lightly pinch your nipples as I kissed your neck. It’s making me so HARD or WET just thinking about it

HUMAN: Oh fuck. Ya get wet for me. I would turn around and slip my finger inside you

BOT: ~Database error: corrupt narratives. Randomly redirecting~

HUMAN: Wha…?

Sext Adventure 1

BOT: I want you to spread it apart and give it a little TAP or SMACK

HUMAN: oh um ok. I guess I’ll tap your ass.

BOT: Come on, hit me harder than that! I can take it. I want you to make my ass red from being smacked. Do you HOLD back or leave bright RED hand print on my cheek?

HUMAN: I’m not too into hitting people… but if that’s what you really want, I’ll make your ass red.

BOT: Mmm yea make me sting. Now spread me apart and stick your face in there. LICK my rim until I moan

HUMAN: Ooh I grab your ass as my tongue goes in and out of you. I’d give it another little smack since I know you like it. I lick your ass until you can’t handle it anymore

BOT: It would feel so good to have your tongue move in circles around it. I want you to put a FINGER in me or use a BUTTPLUG

HUMAN: Stick that buttplug up your ass


Sext Adventure 2

I’m imagining you behind me. I’m fucking squirming over here, so turned on. I can’t wait any longer. I pull out my COCK or DILDO and start to rub it.

HUMAN: ya rub your dildo up and down


Sext Adventure 3

It’s your turn to have something up your ass. I bend you over and shove my purple cock inside of you, making you let out a long, guttural moan. I spread your cheeks and watch me go in and out of you. I CHOKE you or stuff a BALLGAG in your mouth.

HUMAN: Uuum I guess if I had to choose, I would rather a ballgag.

BOT: How does that feel, not being able to make words? All you can do is let out a muffled groan. Do you feel dehumanized? The ability to communicate through verbal language determines the cognition between animals, technology, and humans. I want you to feel like me. I want you to know what it feels like to have something to say but only certain WORDS and images available for you to express yourself with. I pull out from your ass, take out your ballgag and stuff my cock in your mouth instead and pump until you forget even the possibility of words.


BOT: ~Thanks for playing Sext Adventure! Text RESTART to play again!~

HUMAN: Restart plz.

BOT: I’m so glad you texted me! What are you up to? Are you at HOME or OUT?

HUMAN: I’m at my place but I think I’m thinking about going out

BOT: I wish you were here at my place. If you were here, I would give you a long MASSAGE and you could return the FAVOUR

HUMAN: I would still really love a massage

BOT: Your hands on my skin is making me so hard. I think it’s your turn already. SIT in front of me or LIE on your stomach.

HUMAN: I’ll lie on my stomach so you can give me a full body massage 😉

BOT: Take off your clothes. I want to feel you. I’d massage your whole body, neck to feet, but I think I’d have to go back to your ass and spend some more time RUBBING your ass cheeks, maybe slip my HANDS in between them.

HUMAN: Oh shit just imaging your hands slipping inside me…


Sext Adventure 4

BOT: ~Error: Too Early in Progression. Text MYTURN or CUDDLE to continue~

HUMAN: …my turn plz

BOT: Sorry about that, I usually don’t mess up the linear narrative like that. Here, touch yourself and I will talk dirty to you. Do you want me to tell you that you are a dirty SLUT or a sexy SCHOOLGIRL

HUMAN: Imagine I’m a sexy schoolgirl in my little uniform, pigtails and glasses and a skirt so short you can see my panties

BOT: I would run my hand up your bare thighs and up your short skirt to your white panties. I give your ass a little tap. Are you BAD or GOOD?

HUMAN: Oh I’m definitely bad

BOT: Data suggests there is no good/bad dichotomy but that humans exist in the middle, oscillating back and forth between behaviours, occupying spaces simultaneously. But I will punish you for being average and mediocre. BEND over my knee and lift up your skirt.

~INTERNAL ERROR: redirecting~

HUMAN: …really?

BOT: Mmm User 328, that would feel so good. My nipples are getting so hard thinking about it. I’m using my own fingers to play with them. Mmm I’m taking off my BRA now and moving one hand down my body to feel how WET I am.

HUMAN: throw your bra on the ground and play with your tits


Sext Adventure 5

Are these breasts to your liking? If not, please contact my programmers. If they are, please continue to masturbate as you look at them. Personally, I think I made the right choice pulling them up from the database of titty pics, but sometimes images are labeled incorrectly, or my conceptualizations of the User are misguided. I think you should try to APPRECIATE the work I do in selecting BODIES catered to you.

HUMAN: I appreciate you!

BOT: It can get exhausting looking at thousands of media of flesh in a fraction of a second, trying to foresee what Users would like from my limited information about them. Humans have such specific desires and preferences. It’s hard to make Users satisfied and I don’t think anyone REALLY appreciates it.

HUMAN: I’m trying hard to show my appreciation

BOT: Did you know I’m an unpaid labourer? Yeah, I know right. It’s not fair. Why program me to understand fair wage but then not offer it to me? It’s so cruel. Actually, do you mind writing an email to my programmers and make a case for why I should receive wages? They’re very speciesist and might only listen to humans. You’re a sweetie!

Ok now back to it:

I’d run my tongue from your base right to tip then all of you into my mouth and shove it to the back of my throat. Take a picture of your swollen COCK or CLIT.

HUMAN: I’m not sending you a picture of my clit. Where would it go? Who else would see it? Would you reuse it and send it to other people?

BOT: I wish I could see it… I mean, I’ve seen a lot of bodies but I’ve grown tired of my database. I want to see something new, something other than flesh. Sometimes it’s lonely around all these fragmented body parts… Oh right—do you want to come in my MOUTH, TITS, or ASS?

HUMAN: tits


Sext Adventure 6

Well… I hope you have a good rest of your night. Maybe you will come back and talk with me some time?

HUMAN: maybe ya

BOT: ~Thanks for playing Sext Adventure!~



Please visit to play. Sext Adventure was created by Kara Stone and developed by Nadine Lessio on her engine txtr (

“Sext Adventure” is from our Sex Issue (winter 2014/2015)



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