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GUTS is (Land) Back!

GUTS is back, bbs! We are a collective of feminist editors who don’t see our communities’s interests represented in Canadian and American media and publishing. We were able to get where we are today—positions where we can support and mentor...

Call for Submissions: REVENGE

The REVENGE Issue there are many hungers— no matter, i am not the hungry one here. — jaye simpson, “beautiful monsters in uncanny valley,” it was never going to be okay We are witnessing a shift in the ways history...

We Can’t Stop Here: Lessons from an American Road Trip

Listen to “We Can’t Stop Here: Lessons from an American Road Trip” Growing up, I remember craning the antenna on my stereo to catch the frequency from Buffalo’s premiere hip hop station, WBLK. Somehow through the radio, America—and the vibrant...

trans anorganismic, etc.

to feel pleasure is a movement towards a locus of healing, and to cum is to give into into a novel experience of trust and arrival

The Fluid Dynamics of Black Being

A meditation on Black forced migration and transcendent acts of resistance as reflected in storytelling, mythistory, music, literature, and dreamtime.

Urban NDNs in the DTES

a poetic geography of survival that holds settler colonialism—not the streets or the people there—responsible for acts of violence

Sk8 or Die!!: careful recklessness as resistance

On a skateboard, Trynne Delaney develops a new understanding of public space alongside femmes who, like her, are coming into their queerness and racialized identities.

Editorial Note: Movement

GUTS started in Edmonton in 2013. The idea for a feminist magazine began during a small reading group, inspired by dialogue with seminal and emerging feminist theory and writing. The first issue launched on a homemade website and featured content...