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Tara Emelye Needham

Tara Emelye Needham writes essays, poems, and pop songs. Her poems have appeared in J Journal: New Writing on Justice, Belleville Park Pages and Barzakh, and the lyrics from her current musical project, The Chandler Estate, appear in Apogee Magazine. Her essay “How to Ask a Feminist to Do the Dishes” was published last summer in Blind Field: A Journal of Cultural Inquiry. In the 1990s, she edited the zine Cupsize (with Sasha Cagen), excerpts from which have been reprinted in The Riot Grrrl Collection (Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 2013). Tara writes, researches, and teaches in the areas of postcolonial literature, feminist theory, and literary studies.

Characters of Finance

Tara Emelye Needham challenges the self-help genre of the “debt confessional,” addressing the debilitating stress and depression that arises from self-imposed austerity, and gives human form to immaterial monetary concepts—debt, budget, and credit.