As of February 2020, GUTS is taking a hiatus. Read our final Editorial Note for more details.

We will not be publishing new content at this time. Thank you for your support! 

GUTS is a digital, volunteer-run feminist magazine and blog. Our magazine publishes literary essays and reviews, long-form journalism, interviews, fiction, poetry, and new media to further feminist discourse, criticism, and community engagement in Canada. Our website also regularly posts informal and accessible content featuring up-and-coming feminist projects and persons of interest, short essays, letters, reviews, updates, and rants.

We are encouraged and inspired by the wide range of thought and experience that exists within the young Canadian feminist movement, and we support new and emerging writers. We are committed to soliciting voices from people who are not represented in the often homogenous landscape of Canadian writers and artists.

Through the collective interpretation of feminist issues, GUTS wants to shed some much needed light on the systemic forces and intersecting oppressions that isolate women, non-binary and trans people across this country. We strive to create a public for a new kind of correspondence.

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Managing Editor: Brett Cassady Willes

Communications and Engagement Manager: Celia Zhang

Founding Editor: Cynthia Spring

Senior Editor: Natalie Childs

Editor: Katie Lew

Editor: Carmina Ravanera

Editor: Rebecca Jade

Founding Editor and Web Designer: Nadine Adelaar

Poetry Editor: Tess Liem


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