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Indigenous millennials on reclaiming their languages

Political activism and organizing on Facebook: Adwoa Afful asks whether it’s possible to achieve social justice on a platform built to exploit?

An awesome and extensive guide to Black History Month arts and cultural events happening across the country, compiled by Amanda Parris – find something great happening in your city!

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Posted @withrepost • @handwrittenrevolution "Lately we’ve been coming back to a truth that’s all too easy to forget when the pain of oppression is so loud: it’s not enough to resist and fight the status quo of extreme capitalism and the transphobic white supremacist heteropatriarchy. ____ To do so keeps us trapped in a binary that will always privilege toxic power. _____ We resist and fight to survive, and it is often driven by crisis and trauma. Trauma is rooted in pain and stress. Our collective liberation is not found in this place. Make no mistake; fighting back is often part of healing and staying alive. It’s necessary. And, it’s not all we are capable of. _____ We also get to dream and build the world we want, on our terms. Not in response to our oppressors. In response to US: our thriving while feeling pain, our laughing together even when they want us dead, our supporting each other as they try to conquer and divide, our truth telling even as they try to erase us, our attempts to redistribute power and resources as they try to crush us. And our identities that exist wholly outside of this system. We are pretty amazing, actually. And binaries always = death. ____ Let’s move to the overlap in this Venn diagram. And let us not allow our privilege to turn that space to saviorism, because that’s still existing in the binary of our oppressors. _____ For the collective, this post is highly influenced by the work of: @rachaelrice who literally posted this image in her stories (and image by #redkelders ), @desireeadaway @sanyuestelle @theladyalx @adriennemareebrown @alokvmenon and @theartsob and @mckensiemack ????"

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Also from Amanda Parris, coverage of The Feast: A Gathering of 100 Black Wimmin Artists, an event hosted by Anique Jordan at the AGO.

For Black Futures Month, Desmond Cole, Jill Andrew, Julie Crooks, Jah Grey and Twysted Miyake-Mugler share their visions for the future of Toronto.

Nathan Phillips shares his side of the story on what happened at the Indigenous Peoples March

You pick for me: I liked this intimate photo series, where friends, lovers and family picked clothes for one another.

Image by Andreas Laszlo Konrath

“My issue with books that are written about the schizophrenias is an issue that happens often with books about marginalized groups in general, in particular marginalized groups with some form of disability. It often happens that it will be a relative of a person with a disability who writes the book, and the voice of the person who actually has the disability kind of gets lost. I’ve read so many books by people with a relative who has some form of mental illness. I’m not saying that’s a story that shouldn’t be told, but I am saying that that’s a story that’s being told a lot.” Esme Weijun Wang on her new book, The Collected Schizophrenias

A syllabus on Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee Citizenship, and DNA testing, assembled by Adrienne Keene, Rebecca Nagle, and Joseph M. Pierce

“chickens are communist”

“”Balance is *always* a process. Think about trying to stand on one foot! Even if you’re holding still, and staying up, the muscles in your foot and leg and core and back are constantly adjusting. Balance is an active process, and falling out of it is literally part of the deal.” Finally, ICYMI, some excellent advice from Carly Boyce, our resident feelings-witch, on what to do if you’re crushing a lot, but not allowing yourself to enter into vulnerable relationships.


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